What If You Were Meant For More?

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to be happy doing what you’re doing? That job just isn’t what you thought it’d be. That new city isn’t as great as it seemed to be. Sure you make good money, or have a nice place, or do cool things, but something is still missing. Is there something wrong with you? Or are you just meant for something more? Continue reading What If You Were Meant For More?


Love Yourself Or No One Will

The title of this blog is incomplete on purpose. The full title should read “love yourself or no one will know how to love you.” People love us and often it’s never enough. It just doesn’t feel right. Maybe that’s because we don’t know how we are supposed to be loved. Maybe we’ve never known because we’ve never truly loved ourselves well. Continue reading Love Yourself Or No One Will

The Finality Of A Full Stop

There are moments that compel you to stop and absorb the details. It’s like something tells you “you’re going to want to remember this moment.” I had a couple moments like that last week, and I haven’t felt the same since. Continue reading The Finality Of A Full Stop


It’s Time To Stop Sucking At Friendship

There’s this myth, this lie, that continually gets fed to all of us. We have all been the recipient, and the one dishing it. It’s something that becomes an enormous waste of your time. Sometimes it’s through our words, sometimes with our actions. We tell those who care about us “I really want to spend time with you, I’m just really busy right now.” But at the end of the day, everyone makes time for what, or who, they care about. Continue reading It’s Time To Stop Sucking At Friendship


What I Learned By Being Alone

Though I’m an introvert, I hate being alone all the time. I never want that. Historically, being alone a lot hasn’t been a good thing for me mentally or emotionally. I tend to go to darker places. But when I was thrust into doing life alone, I found out how badly I needed it. And I met myself there for quite possibly the first time in my life. Continue reading What I Learned By Being Alone


An Opportunity To Start Over

We often get opportunities to start over. Sometimes it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes we don’t want to start over. But what you do with those opportunities, whether forced or willingly chosen, is everything. Continue reading An Opportunity To Start Over


Faith Reconstructed

A while back, I wrote a post about a huge deconstruction of faith that I endured. It was a trying time. It was intense. It was emotionally, spiritually, and mentally draining for a long time. Then I just kinda stopped talking about it so much. I’ve had people ask me what happened after, and what direction I took spiritually and emotionally. So I decided to write about it. This will be a sort of update to document my journey. Continue reading Faith Reconstructed


How A Soccer Team Saved Me

It was mid May, as I entered the stadium, excited for what this season was going to bring. The crowd was buzzing with anxious energy, the smell of beer and hotdogs filled the air. As the die-hard fans I would soon become a part of proceeded with their ritual march to the stands, loud drums and singing echoing off the surrounding buildings, I saw something I wanted to be a part of. I saw something good. I longed for good, because while we cheered on this team I barely knew anything about, my entire life was falling apart around me. Continue reading How A Soccer Team Saved Me


A Philosophy Of Living

Can we live forever?

It’s a question humanity has been trying to answer since the beginning. Can we obtain the secret to immortality? How do we exist eternally? But what if we are missing the point all together? What if the question is not “Is there life after death?”, but rather “How do we live before we die?”. Continue reading A Philosophy Of Living


Wolves Among Us

When we look at the current state of this country culturally, its easy to be perplexed. It literally feels like everyone has lost their mind. But what if a group of political scientists have discovered the answer to the real problem America is facing today? Continue reading Wolves Among Us