Faith Reconstructed

A while back, I wrote a post about a huge deconstruction of faith that I endured. It was a trying time. It was intense. It was emotionally, spiritually, and mentally draining for a long time. Then I just kinda stopped talking about it so much. I’ve had people ask me what happened after, and what direction I took spiritually and emotionally. So I decided to write about it. This will be a sort of update to document my journey. Continue reading Faith Reconstructed

How A Soccer Team Saved Me

It was mid May, as I entered the stadium, excited for what this season was going to bring. The crowd was buzzing with anxious energy, the smell of beer and hotdogs filled the air. As the die-hard fans I would soon become a part of proceeded with their ritual march to the stands, loud drums and singing echoing off the surrounding buildings, I saw something I wanted to be a part of. I saw something good. I longed for good, because while we cheered on this team I barely knew anything about, my entire life was falling apart around me. Continue reading How A Soccer Team Saved Me