A Death Observed | A Life Celebrated

What is it about death that kind of brings everything to a halt and forces you to deal with  your own existential meaning and purpose? It seems to freeze any future of goals you may have had, and makes you … Continue reading A Death Observed | A Life Celebrated


The Value Of Art And Appreciation

What is art? Can you define it? Webster’s dictionary plainly defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination”, but that doesn’t really define what art is, does it? There is good art and bad art. But how can one decide what good art looks like? Continue reading The Value Of Art And Appreciation

The Very Real Dangers Of Nationalism

There are many threats to society today that often get overlooked, but one that the average person doesn’t pay attention to is the sub-culture of nationalism. Nationalism is a dangerous means to get a large group of people to do … Continue reading The Very Real Dangers Of Nationalism


Why Happiness Is Dangerous

The pursuit of happiness is one of the major foundations of America. We all are engaged in the search for what makes us happy. We spend our lives looking for it. But what if the very thing we work out entire lives to obtain could be the very thing that kills us? Continue reading Why Happiness Is Dangerous


The Cost Of Living Differently

For my last post in this format of creative non-fiction and self-discovery, I thought it might be nice to sum up what I’ve learned thus far. What I’ve learned is this: When one chooses to be unapologetically, unashamedly themselves, it’s not … Continue reading The Cost Of Living Differently


Accepting A Life Of Doubt

When I was a kid, I was taught in church that doubt was bad. It wasn’t so much directly taught, but rather implied by the words and actions of those in leadership. Doubt was considered this thing you experience when … Continue reading Accepting A Life Of Doubt


The Lonely Pilgrimage

In what has become the most difficult year of my entire life, the theme throughout this year is that I was very much alone in facing each part. No one was there for me during the hardest and darkest parts. Not because no one wanted to be, but because I felt that I needed to deal with it alone. It was during this time that I stopped being afraid of life, and started embracing a story of adventure, while becoming acquainted with the relentless survivor buried beneath all the fear and self-loathing. 2016 may have been the worst year, but 2017 will be the first year. The first year of many where I actually live. Continue reading The Lonely Pilgrimage


A Seat At The Table

When we stop to consider the constants of life, we are drawn to the table. We eat multiple times a day, but for many of us, the constant was the dinner table. The place where we all come to share in the act of nourishment for our bodies, while feeding our souls with the company and conversations of our loved ones. It’s no surprise that during this time of year, this is the place we return to when we want to express our thankfulness for life, and all that is in it.

But is there more to it?
Continue reading A Seat At The Table


What I Learned By Being Alone

Though I’m an introvert, I hate being alone all the time. I never want that. Historically, being alone a lot hasn’t been a good thing for me mentally or emotionally. I tend to go to darker places. But when I was thrust into doing life alone, I found out how badly I needed it. And I met myself there for quite possibly the first time in my life. Continue reading What I Learned By Being Alone


An Opportunity To Start Over

We often get opportunities to start over. Sometimes it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes we don’t want to start over. But what you do with those opportunities, whether forced or willingly chosen, is everything. Continue reading An Opportunity To Start Over