How I Unintentionally Became A Liberal

I’m not sure how it happened. I’m not sure when it happened. But somewhere along the way, I inadvertently transformed into something I once hated. I woke up one day, and suddenly I was labeled by my family and peers. I. Am. A. Liberal. I didn’t ask for this label. I still don’t consider myself one. but biased truth sounds a lot like the truth when it’s said over and over. So let’s look at how that plays out… Continue reading How I Unintentionally Became A Liberal

La La Land: A Message For Millennials

In a world bogged down by realities such as a President Trump, Brexit, shootings, bombings, ISIS, protests, social injustice in so many forms, and an ever growing hatred and dissension spreading to the farthest reaches, we are invited to La La Land. A place that director Damien Chazelle describes as a film that “should feel like something magical could happen at any time”. But what if it doesn’t stop there? What if something as simple as this tiny little film about living for your dream and reaching for the stars (literally in one part) is actually a wake up call to a generation on the brink of giving up? Continue reading La La Land: A Message For Millennials

What Will Our Kids Think?

My entire life, at any crossroads of differing opinions when it came to how I felt, compared to how my parents felt about something I was doing, they would always say at the end of the conversation “When you have kids, you’ll understand”. But what about what we think of older people and their opinions? Have we ever stopped to think about the implications? Have we ever considered what the next few generations are going to judge us for? Continue reading What Will Our Kids Think?