Why Happiness Is Dangerous

The pursuit of happiness is one of the major foundations of America. We all are engaged in the search for what makes us happy. We spend our lives looking for it. But what if the very thing we work out entire lives to obtain could be the very thing that kills us? Continue reading Why Happiness Is Dangerous


It’s Time To Stop Sucking At Friendship

There’s this myth, this lie, that continually gets fed to all of us. We have all been the recipient, and the one dishing it. It’s something that becomes an enormous waste of your time. Sometimes it’s through our words, sometimes with our actions. We tell those who care about us “I really want to spend time with you, I’m just really busy right now.” But at the end of the day, everyone makes time for what, or who, they care about. Continue reading It’s Time To Stop Sucking At Friendship

Redefined By Human Equality

This is a difficult post for me to write. The older I get, the more passionate I am on this subject. I understand that I am speaking about this as a white American male who has not endured oppression or inequality myself. But it is from this place that I write so passionately about this. For it is this reality that has caused such an urgency and importance on this matter. Continue reading Redefined By Human Equality

Discovering The Confident Life

Confidence is a word that is often misconstrued or misunderstood. The context and tone can be everything. Sometimes it’s hard to really pinpoint what confidence can look like when attained and carried out in a healthy matter in one’s life. So I thought it might be fun to share what I’ve learned thus far and see what you might have to add to the conversation. Continue reading Discovering The Confident Life

3 Questions For A Productive Day

In the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and having countless conversations with people who are highly successful at what they do, and they all have one thing in common: They utilize 95% of their time for productivity and progress towards a specific and well-defined goal.

This got me thinking about my own life and, when I put myself through the same filter as successful people, It becomes immediately apparent what needs to change. Continue reading 3 Questions For A Productive Day