Let’s Catch Up

It’s been a while. I haven’t kept up with my promise to you and to myself to post something every two weeks.

So let’s catch up and let me tell you what has been going on.

I am currently drinking a cup of coffee on a hot Sunday afternoon. It seems like the perfect time to catch up with friends, wouldn’t you say? So I will imagine you are also drinking a nice hot beverage.

When I moved back to Chattanooga, I had to make some choices. I could keep pursuing the way of life I had known thus far and keep trying to make it work, or I could drop it all and do something different. If you’ve been keeping up with me, then you know which choice I made.

Dropping it all and choosing to pursue making my passions a reality and way of life meant that it also had to be a way to pay the bills. So I had to redirect my energy into making that happen. It turns out that pursuing that is like starting your own business, which results in the time and energy it takes to have multiple full-time jobs. Not to mention, I still had to make money in the meantime.

Since moving back, I have been completely working for myself. This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Its exhausting trying to figure out how to make sure the bills are paid, while simultaneously trying to make something like “music” truly a business, and a profitable one at that.

This has forced me to put things like this blog on the back-burner. I love to write and I love growing in that aspect. But lately all of my attention has been spent doing administrative work like keeping shows on the calendar every month, finishing songs for a new album, releasing an E.P. Planning a launch campaign for a new album, and all the components that come with that.

But today I needed a break. I needed to do something different. So here I am.

However, all of this work and energy has helped me to realize some things about myself and how I feel about things in my life. This time has helped me see myself more clearly, and understand much of what I have endured over the last few years.

So I’ve decided to share some of these things over the coming months.

It may not be as consistent, but I assure you there will be something new for you to read. If you have enjoyed following this blog and following my journey,  I encourage you to subscribe, so that you may receive notifications when something new has been posted!

This is turning out to be the year in which I work my ass off to try and make my life something worth living. I want to share that story here to some capacity. I hope you’ll continue to take that journey with me.

Keep up with what I’m doing beyond this blog at my website!

You may also subscribe to my mailing list here.

Until next time.


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