Life Without Risk Is Death

There have been a lot of circumstances in my life as of late that have pushed me to take risks in order to progress and accomplish goals. Risks are often times the main proponent of fear and anxiety in life. When we come to a point in our journey where we must risk to move forward, we are too afraid to do so, and often times halt our story by being paralyzed by fear.

We tell ourselves and others that this is what we really wanted. This dead end job, this small town, this career path that I never wanted, is actually what is good for me. But a lot of times it’s just an excuse driven by fear to not take a risk because we are afraid of losing something. But risks are good. Risk is healthy, and necessary for growth. We would be wise not to forget that.

Here are some ways I’ve tried to embrace risk in my life.


1. Risk Is The Only Way Forward

We fear what we don’t know. We don’t know because we haven’t been there. There’s always some level of risk in the unknown. But staying here will get us nowhere. Yet, we so often get stuck here. We will never know what else is out there if we don’t get out there and find it. The bigger the step, the more the risk. The worst thing is letting fear paralyze us so much that we actually go BACKWARD. It happens all the time. I want so much to be the type of person that stands up to an opportunity to move forward and goes for it. It’s something we can all work on, and I’m no exception.


2. Risk Forces Character Growth

Another thing we fear a lot is change, even within ourselves. We resist and pull back when we feel ourselves growing in our character. But if we embrace the changes and make sure they are positive changes, we grow closer to a better version of ourselves. I want to be someone who embraces change and causes the people around me to strive for more in life.


3. Risk Makes A Better Story

Everyone loves a good story. But imagine reading a book or watching a movie where nothing really happens to the character. It wouldn’t be very interesting if the protagonist stays at that dead end job and never takes the huge risk of quitting, or moving, or whatever needs to happen that turns their life upside down and propels them down the path of uncertainty and forces them to overcome unthinkable obstacles to achieve the impossible.


That story can be real life. It could be your life, if you want it to be. Every great thing we dream of or long for in life will cost us an enormous amount of sacrifice, and there’s a chance we will fail and fall down on our face in front of everyone. But there’s so much to be had in the risk. The risk will take us to places we’ve never seen, make us meet people we never would’ve met, and experience cultures we didn’t know existed.

Risk gives us the opportunity to be the anomaly.

We have the small possibility to be that one person to everyone we know. You know the one. That one person that defies all logic. The one people look to and say “yeah but they did that thing, so maybe it isn’t impossible after all.” We have the ability to inspire the world with our efforts, do great things, and create a better world both within ourselves, and around us. And all of that is found in taking risks and not cowering in fear when presented with the opportunity to do something great.

So what are you going to do?


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