Into The Wild Unknown

Hey readers! Sorry for the late post this week! I’m still trying to get the hang of having a new post ready by Monday, so hang in there with me as I adjust.

Today’s blog post is not so much a post on its own, but rather the beginning of a conversation. A conversation I would like to continue after this post. So take this as an invitation to be a part of a community of people. I titled this post “Into The Wild Unknown”, and this title has a few meanings. So let’s take a look at the thoughts behind this title.

1. The Unknown Destination

We are, every one of us, on a journey. I would say the vast majority of us have no idea where we are going. Some of us may have a pretty good idea, but we’re probably wrong, while the rest of us are freely admitting we have no idea what we’re doing. In some contexts, its ok to not have it all together and not know exactly what you want to do, or where you want to go. But I would caution those people to be very careful with what decisions you make during this time. It’s easy to determine a trajectory without meaning to, thus sending you down a path towards a destination you never wanted to go.

This ongoing conversation will be one part destination related. Destinations spiritually, mentally, and geographically. Because who knows where we all might end up!

2. The Unknown (or misunderstood) Truth

Living in the south for all my life, I have come to the realization that the fast majority of people here have fully accepted entire belief systems as truth when they are, in fact, inaccurate, or completely false. We do this so much in church. I’d like to get the ball rolling on clearing some of this up. Yes, I know I don’t know everything, nor do I pretend to. But I’d like to think I know a little, and I want to contribute to the much larger conversation of theology, philosophy, and Biblical Christianity.

So this conversation will also be one part spiritual formation.

3. The Unknown, Untamed Heart

Sometimes I think we don’t have the faintest idea who we really are, or what passions lay dormant inside us. What if we began to explore the potential that resides in us, and attempt to carry that out in our lives? I’m currently in the middle of that exploration myself, and with the help of careful documentation, good friends, and all of you, I think we might be able to go on this adventure together.

Lastly, this conversation will be one part emotional healing and stability, with a little bit of uncovering the true self in the midst of a culture force-feeding us lies about who we are.

I hope this will be fun for all of us! As we look ahead, I’d like to ask you all to consider where you think you are in your own story currently? What lies have you confused as truth? What passions might lay dormant in your heart?

Seriously…I want to know! Comment below!

Until next week,

– Cody


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