We’re All In This Together

A beautiful day has a funny way of turning someone’s entire mood around. I woke up today and it was a dark, cold, gloomy, overcast kind of day. I got dressed, grabbed my stuff, and drove into town to go about the activities of the day. At one point in the day, I found myself walking out the door of a bookstore to my car when suddenly the sun broke through the lingering clouds and I realized my mood had suddenly changed and I was just…happier. I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t define it. I just felt as though a weight had lifted, and my body was filled with a peace that would stick with me throughout the rest of the day. In the past I’ve undoubtedly acknowledged that whenever the weather is just right, people just seem to be friendlier, more outgoing, and just over all more pleasant to be around. Is this some sort of coincidence? 


Sometimes I wonder if we are all connected in some way. Do we all have some subconscious sync with the world around us? I remember when I used to work in various restaurants, this strange phenomenon would happen every day. Without any prompting by advertising or promotion, where everyone would order the same meal. This would go on all day. The next day, the same thing would happen, but with a different meal. This happened at every restaurant I ever worked in. No one could explain it. I would ask people sometimes why they were ordering a specific sandwich, to which they would reply with something like “I dunno, it just seemed like the right thing to get today”. 

Life could be a series of events that happen coincidentally between an entire planet full of people, all just randomly interacting with one another and changing one another. Or maybe life is a series of events that are a part of a greater story in which there is an entire planet full of characters, all playing a part in this story. Maybe its the Writer of this story who binds His characters together. The Writer, after all, always has an end in sight. This climactic end we are all moving towards in which all things will be new again. What if we are, in fact, all in this thing together? Wouldn’t our actions mean so much more? Wouldn’t our feelings be validated? 

It seems there are certain themes that, much like my blogs, have this consistency throughout the greater story. Regardless of the circumstances, there are things that bind us together and push us to strive on. Themes like hope, love, goodness, kindness, and faith. Love can be found in almost every blog I write. Love is something I find more fascinating than almost anything else. Love is this thing that drives us to do almost everything in our lives. 


I’ve spent a lot of the day thinking about the things that create cultures and communities. So many people strive to create communities through artificial means, and yet community seems to just happen best organically. Like some uncontrollable force that can’t be contained, defined, or explained, community is this movement that happens in such spontaneous and unpredictable ways that we cannot plan for it or prepare for it. We can only roll with it and enjoy the ride. 

In all honesty I believe we would all admit that community is the element we all feel we are most often missing, and also most long for. Love may be at the center of that longing, but we would identify this longing to be for community, primarily. We are communal beings. We long to be in thriving, rich, diverse, and intimate community with one another, as well as with our Creator. It is the reason we exist. 

God has written a story. Some may say our story is one of loss, pain, war, destruction, and darkness. I would say our story is a story of rescue, redemption, love, hope, and forgiveness. Our story is not a story reduced to merely the darkness of the night, but rather the journey through the night to see the dawn. 

In some ways I would say the overarching theme of my blogs is not the themes of a story, but rather the story itself. I’ve brought all of these things up in part before, but what’s a story without growth, right? I ponder many of the same thoughts and expand on them. So here we are…


Maybe we are all connected by some supernatural string that weaves us together like some quilt of miniature stories, all chapters in a greater story. Some might say there’s proof to support this theory, I’m not fully convinced. But it’s still fun to think about. Either way, I think we can agree that we’re all in this together, so lets make the most of the time we have and spend our life investing in the things that will truly matter. 


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