America: Giving us the right to protest literally anything.

It seems like the last few weeks have been filled with numerous people speaking their mind and saying things that have offended people for just reasons, and sometimes ridiculous reasons. I thought I’d write a little bit about some of what’s been happening and the underlying issues being discussed and throw my two cents out there, for what it’s worth.

First off, I’d like to talk about the interesting fact that we, as a culture, feel the need to whole-heartedly scream, while beating our chests, at the masses just because we think someone disagrees with us. While other countries are up in arms about things like tyrants killing people in masses, torturing innocent people, controlling their occupants in various ways, and violating people’s rights in general, Americans are rallying the troops to fight against the other people that disagree with them. It seems so irrational and foolish to me. Let me expand on what I’m talking about… (Warning: The following may offend some people. If you are offended, you probably aren’t getting my point, therefore I don’t really care…so move on.)

Though I believe America gives us the right to stand up for what we believe in, I think we can all agree some people stand up for really ridiculous things. I acknowledge that sometimes this standard for what is appropriate is sometimes subjective, but can we at least acknowledge real life problems as opposed to simple difference of opinion? These days its hard to read the newspaper, watch any TV news show, or get online without seeing a group of people protesting something ridiculous. Sadly, it seems the majority of the time its some “Christian Rights” group that are throwing fuel on the fire of some judgmental or hate debate on some other group. However, sometimes its not always the case…


Lets not forget the protest not long ago where the parent’s of failing students decided to protest the schools to let their children graduate, regardless of their bad grades, or low GPA. There are so many things I could say about this one. Simply put, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you’re dumb, you will probably raise dumb children, and this is the only explanation I have for a situation in which parents have children literally fail out of high school, and the parents decide the best course of action is to protest with signs like “LET ARE KIDS WALK”. Despite the horrific grammar, who in their right mind thinks its definitely fair to let their child that failed every class “fake-graduate” with all of the students that actually passed with acceptable GPA’s? anyway, moving on…

What about the members of the American Spelling Council and the London-based spelling Society protesting the complexity of the English language outside of the Scripps National Spelling Bee event. I mean, what exactly were they trying to accomplish here? With signs that read “Enuf is Enuf, Enough is too much”, I’m sorry but I don’t really understand. Were they saying they wanted the entire English speaking world to water the language down so they could win a spelling bee? Maybe we should have a spelling bee for people who speak in texting jargon, the winner gets a copy of Hooked On Phoenix.

I could go on and on with ridiculous protests that make no sense. Don’t even get me started on Westboro Baptist Church and their filth. However, I believe the controversy surrounding a certain restaurant owner’s public statement and the ensuing protests that followed and got national recognition have brought new problems to light.

I find it particularly interesting that this whole thing starts because someone shared their opinion (an obviously conservative Republican Christian man might I add) and simply because an entire group of people disagreed with him, they decided it was worth publicly hating him, as though he said “I hate all homosexuals and refuse to serve them food, and I hope they starve to death.” Seriously, people? I also don’t really agree with the whole “Appreciation Day” thing they did either. The whole distinction is a bit ridiculous,  if you ask me.

Just to throw out my thoughts on the whole debate going on….

I believe that what makes (or made) America great is the freedom of speech, religion, and the many other freedoms this country is founded on. I don’t think our founding father’s had complete disregard for our fellow Americans and disrespect of their opinions in mind when they wrote the articles of our foundations. Furthermore, I believe that if we truly uphold such standards of freedom, we are bound to a certain code of ethics that make it quite easy to form solid, fair opinions, regardless of religious beliefs or what have you.

Based on the very standard of ethics America is founded on, I am actually supportive of gay marriage. This usually shocks my more conservative Christian friends, so let me explain… If I say I support gay marriage, does this mean I support homosexuality? I would say no. I support someone’s right to live the lifestyle they choose. I don’t have to agree with their lifestyle to support their right to live it. They have the same right to disagree with my beliefs. If we lived in a country where protests determined our countries laws and ethics, we would live in a very different world. We would actually take away every right, every freedom that we take advantage of today. I think this whole gay marriage issue should actually be a non-issue. I’m actually more offended by Christians making such distinctive stands against any particular group, casting hate and condemnation on them, as though they are lesser than they are. Who are we to cast condemnation on anyone? We are no better than anyone. I am no better than anyone. I don’t support abortion because ethically it doesn’t make sense to support the killing of a life that has no choice in the matter, regardless of your opinion of when life starts. It seems legitimate to assume life starts at conception, based on enough evidence to support it, as well as just being on the safe side. Therefore, I can’t support such things. People always lump gay marriage and abortion in the same boat, I don’t think this is a fair argument.

None the less, I would hope and pray that people would become more loving, regardless of their beliefs and disagreements with other people’s beliefs or lifestyles. I would hope people would open their eyes and stop letting their own prejudice and and judgmental attitudes get in the way of morality, ethics, and the actual equal good of everyone. I would hope people would first look in the mirror.


4 thoughts on “America: Giving us the right to protest literally anything.

  1. I appreciate your expression of being open and encouragement for others to do so. I totally agree. I feel the need to point out that the man in question didn’t simply express an opinion, and that this isn’t even a free speech issue. If he did, then I would think the protests were stupid, too. Instead, he has taken huge sums of money (I think it’s more than $5 million) and donated them to organizations that are anti-gay, and violently so. He’s taken this money from the profits of his business, and that’s why I think a boycott is appropriate. It sickened me to see “Christian” friends of mine so proudly attending the chicken day. This blog was so well written and explains it better than me 😉 |

  2. A boycott maybe…but going into an establishment to “make-out” just to make a point? Subjecting anyone around to intense PDA unwillingly? I wouldn’t care if you are straight or gay, thats ridiculous and makes most people care less. My point in this blog is whether it’s Christians shoving their beliefs down people’s throats, or homosexuals shoving their tongues down each other’s throats…It should still be considered distasteful, rude, ridiculous, offensive, and just downright invasive. Do I agree with Dan Cathy? Absolutely not..He’s actually a lot of what I dislike so strongly out of the Christian community. Obviously by this blog I am pro-equality of any and all groups of people, and personally I rarely bought food from there to begin with so it doesn’t really effect me either way, but I just don’t like someone telling me what I should or shouldn’t do, based on their own personal beliefs and views…Christian, homosexual, etc.

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