Certainty in the midst of uncertainty.

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, I apologize for my absence. I have had an insane few weeks. I haven’t forgotten about my series of “apologetic” blogs, discussing certain questions or problems many people have with the Christian faith, so don’t worry they are coming! I’m actually gathering all of my notes from studying for my first blog in that series and will be posting it in the next couple of weeks, God willing!


For now, I’d like to update you all on my life as of late, and some of the thoughts I’ve been having about nothing in particular. So I’m just gonna start typing and we’ll see what happens. 

Something I’ve been thinking about here lately is the strange realization that I could accomplish anything I want to if I really wanted to. This seems pretty corny maybe, a little general and hokey even. The thing is, the chapter of life i’m in right now, the people I’m surrounded by, and the things I have going on that are in the works are all a part of something so much bigger. The unique circumstance I find myself in almost gives off an aroma of opportunity that permeates every area of my life, making me believe that anything is possible. Its almost as if God Himself is sending me little daily reminders that I’m worth so much more than I often think I am, that I could do so much more, be so much more than I ever believe I could. Is this so wrong to believe? It isn’t like I’m unrealistic about life. I’m not selling all of my possessions to live in a hut  Zimbabwe (do they live in huts there?). Though, I wouldn’t say its entirely out of the question! I’d love to be in a place in my life of complete surrender, a place where I would be wiling and able to obey anything God throws at me. It seems that God is setting me up for such a context, though. I see a pattern of trials and circumstances in the last year that have molded me into a very different person than I was just months ago. I wish I had the faith to let go of everything if I had to, maybe one day… But for now, I feel fairly content with my life. I’ve had many people call me out on my life and say I need to take on the responsibility of an adult and stop living the way I have been. Is it so wrong to be willing to give up a life of security for a life devoted to helping people in need and trying to make a difference in the lives of the people around me? God has kept me particularly encouraged through all of it, which I am extremely thankful for. 


In such a place of uncertainty in my life, I feel such certainty about what I’m doing and believe in it whole heartedly. I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Thats all I can really ask for. 


(Check back for first blog in “Apologetic” Blog series. Refer to previous blog entry for details.)


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