I’ve had quite the long week to say the least. I worked at the theater all night on sunday and monday night to prepare for the release of The Amazing Spiderman. On Tuesday my family and I drove up to the northeast corner of TN for an Independence Day cookout with many extended family members. It was so good to see everyone. Though, I barely saw any fireworks..Sad times.


While I was there I decided to get my camera out that I’ve barely messed with since I got it last year. Once I started playing with it I remembered why I was waiting to play with it. I wanted to wait until I had enough money to buy better lenses because I knew that once I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop. And so it is now…I really love my camera. Its so much fun to play with and try to capture moments in different ways. For those of you who are photography nerds like I aspire to be, I own a Canon Rebel T3i. Aaaand I love it. Though I’m not too fond of the lens it came with. Anyway…

I just thought I’d share some moments from my Independence Day. I hope yours was amazing as well.I am off to play a show in downtown Chattanooga tonight at a little place called Tremont Tavern. Maybe I’ll try to capture some moments there as well and share them with all of you! Cheers!

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