My Own Memoir of House. (Spoiler Alert!)

I just finished the series finale of House and I thought it only appropriate to write a quick blog entry on my thoughts, considering I’ve been blogging about my predictions on the inevitable end of House for almost a year. So here goes…


The hour long retrospective “Memoir”, directed and produced by Laurie, was perfect in every way. This memoir of the last 8 seasons highlighted so many memorable moments, while giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how they pulled off their most amazing moments. This memoir made me want to start at the beginning and go back through all 8 seasons with fresh eyes. It was nostalgia at its best, perfectly manipulating the audience into going and buying all 7 seasons tomorrow morning (if they don’t already own them of course) and reliving these moments. Quite the perfect marketing ploy, if I do say so myself. 

Now on to the Finale…

“Everybody Dies” starts off with House on his back in a dark room, beside a dead guy, in a dirty building, with drug paraphernalia scattered about, while House hallucinates former characters, projected by his subconscious. As House recollects the last two days that led up to this mind-boggling moment, the audience gets the opportunity to revisit old cast members, cherish the love of friends, and marvel in the glory of one last case…One last puzzle. 

Kudos to the writers for so beautifully and creatively writing such nostalgia into this final episode in such a way that didn’t seem cheesy, but rather dark and demented, leaving us with an accurate depiction of the tortured soul that is Gregory House.

We quickly realize that House has no way out of jail, no way out of missing his best friend’s impending death. It is at this moment that we realize what is going on. House used his patient to feel one last high, explaining the location, the drugs, and the dead guy who clearly overdosed. House’s subconscious then attempts to reason with him to fight to live, until finally concluding with an attempt to let it all go and die with dignity. But, as any hardcore House fan would know, House doesn’t believe in dying with dignity. There’s no such thing. You can only live with dignity, but that isn’t quite what happens. As House has his final revelation and mutters the infamous words “I can do better” (which, might I note he has said to others in the past, but never to himself), he attempts to walk out, meeting Wilson’s eyes as the building collapses on top of him (seemingly). 

After we get scenes of everyone getting up and speaking at the funeral, talking about how amazing House was, how he made them a better person in the end, Wilson gets up and begins to say what he quickly realizes is complete bull****. Wilson then begins to say exactly what he feels, what everyone knows, that accurately describes the House we have all come to know so well and love for almost a decade. 

Wilson then pulls a ringing phone out of his pocket, which he states is clearly not his phone, with the text that reads “shut up you idiot”. It was at this point that I began to get really pissed off. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs on the matter, you know that I wanted House dead. I had anticipated closure with death. I had already decided I wasn’t going to get the ending I wanted because I wanted a long drawn out death, with award winning acting from Laurie, reconciling all that House has destroyed. What I got instead, was a cunning, brilliant, classic House, seizing an opportunity to fake his own death, therefore freeing him to spend the last 5 months with his best friend. I actually really liked this ending. I believe the writers managed to give everyone what they wanted. House DID die…in a way. 

Reflecting on how House pulled such a stunt, I have to make note of the fact that, in order for House to switch dental records, he had to have done this preemptively. What this means is, the entire time when his subconscious his telling him he knew “the plan” wouldn’t work, we may have been misled the entire time on what “the plan” actually was. I may be reading too much into this, but the plan could have been formed AFTER all avenues had been exhausted. The plan was never to try and get his friends to take the fall, but rather to let the drug addict take the fall for him, but in the face of death, House actually wrestled with the idea of just ending it all. The plan was never to remain in the life he had always known, but to escape his world and begin a new one as someone completely different, letting “House” die, and allowing everyone he has ever destroyed to move on, to grow and heal as individuals. If you don’t believe my theory then riddle me this….How did the fire get started to begin with? 


So we have reached the end of an era of amazing television. I dare to say the future of FOX definitely has some gigantic shoes to fill. Its been real kids…On to other things I suppose.  


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