Taking Chances: The willingness to walk blindly into the dark

It may or may not be apparent that I approach writing a blog in an interesting way. When I sit down to write a blog, It’s mostly because I feel the need to write something, or vent about something, or make my thoughts and feelings known to the world, for whatever reason. Rarely do I ever sit down with a specific topic in mind. I rarely decide to write a blog with any particular agenda or outline. I start typing, and see where my mind takes me. This fact may be more apparent than I realize. You may actually read my blogs and sense a type of inconsistent, spastic form of content that usually inhabits my blog posts, or maybe its not so obvious. I hope for the latter. I want to be clear and concise. I want to get my point across without being too misunderstood in the process. My goal in all of this is a two part goal:

1. To use blogging as a means for therapeutic, and hopefully healthy sharing and getting my thoughts and feelings out in the open. This concept can be quite liberating. Its better to know its all out there, all my cards on the table, rather than to bury my feelings and let them fester under the surface, and grow into something wholly negative to me and everyone in my life.

2. I long to start communities in which people can openly share the things going on in their lives, without fear of judgment or condemnation. I feel that the best way to start such a community is to begin the conversations with complete honesty and transparency.

This two part goal is something I’ve already begun to see happen, slowly but surely. The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I want to encourage you, the readers, to comment on this page when you have comments. I’ve noticed that some people will comment on my Facebook, or send me a text, or email me with their comments, encouragement, and any input they have on the matter. I haven’t received a single comment that I didn’t want shared with everyone else. I am only beginning a conversation, I really want us all to continue the conversation. The second part of my goal is realistically more important to me than the first part. The first part only serves me, and it only serves me a little. The second part can serve us all. If we are all participating in a greater conversation about life, love, and everything in between, we are creating an environment of growth, healing, and enlightenment on any situation we may be discussing. This is an amazing possibility. Its not every day we can so openly share our feelings, and receive multiple perspectives from people of all different backgrounds, with a completely unbiased position. Something i’ve learned is that we love to give our 2 cents, and we love to throw out our opinions even more to complete strangers. Though we may not all be strangers, we are strangers with each others hearts for sure, and for that we can use a little opportunity to grow together.

There have been so many times in my life that I have felt lost and alone, and this blog has helped me through those times. I want to share that. I want us all to remind each other that we are not alone. We all go through similar experiences and circumstances, and we all conquer them uniquely. I feel that we MUST share our experiences. We have to overcome this society of isolation. We have a means here in which we can use it to encourage and strengthen one another and build each other up, why not seize such an opportunity? I know I have a lot of things to talk about, but I’m sure you have things to say too. So all I ask is that maybe every once and a while, you’d be willing to share your heart publicly, for the growth and enlightenment of all who read my measly little blog.

The bottom line is COMMENT ON MY BLOG! One of the reasons why I switched to wordpress is because you don’t have to have a wordpress blog to comment on a wordpress blog. All you have to have is a name, and an email address if you so choose, and you can comment. I’m also about to make it possible for everyone to use your twitter or Facebook account to comment as well, in an attempt to make it even easier to comment. I hope you will take advantage of this and be a part of the greater and ongoing conversation of life with me!


One thought on “Taking Chances: The willingness to walk blindly into the dark

  1. This one really hit me hard when I read it. I am one of those people you are talking about. I’ve never liked to be very open with people. I used to keep a blog on myspace (when it was actually relevant) and I was more open than I am now. I also enjoyed your newest blog about social media and it’s destructive power. My feelings on that matter are very similar. I just feel like there is no transparency anymore. Sometimes I want to take off my masks, but I feel like instead of helping and listening that others nowadays so easily want something to point a finger at. The saddest part is that we all look scarred without our masks. I guess it’s just a matter of who’s willing to reveal theirs. Thank you for being truthful and open.

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