Everybody Dies

With the House series finale episode title like “Everybody Dies,” I would be inclined to believe that my original prediction (and where all of my hopes of a perfect ending lie in my opinion) would be accurate. But alas, I fear it may not be the case. “Everybody Dies” is a clear parallel to the series premier “Everybody Lies “, which also happens to be House’s infamous phrase when summing up his philosophy on everyone. The interesting part about FOX’s release of the title, along with other tidbits, isn’t the title, but rather the characters returning, as well as the teaser comments the cast and crew have said in passing. There will be a 2 hour finale special, the first hour being a recap of the last 8 seasons, with highlights and special surprises, interviews, etc. The final hour being the finale episode. The second to last episode is titled ” The C Word”, which leads me to believe that the word is “commitment.” There is talk, however, of that word being “cancer,” which would be very interesting to see what they did with that. The cast has assured the viewers that the finale is an ending that will please everyone.

The finale episode’s description states that House’s team will treat a patient who is a drug addict (perfect setup), and that this will force House to examine his life. This description saddens me because it alludes to the fact that House will manage to make a huge life change and actually correct his life. There is a list of reasons why you should hate that  possible scenario, but the main reason is the simple fact that no one who has abused, and in some cases, permanently damaged his relationships, his career, and especially his body, should be allowed to move on without any repercussions, and essentially ride off into the sunset, as it were. I know this isn’t a very “christian” view for me to have, but this isn’t a “christian” show, so don’t judge me. My opinion is within the context the writers have placed the characters. House’s character has been on a path of total destruction for the last 8 years. The first three seasons, people watched because they were intrigued with how a genius doctor who is also an addict could function in normal life (which he didn’t function realistically). But, beginning in the fourth season, we see a turn with House’s drug addiction taking a toll on his mind, and his over all health. At this point in the progression, the audience stops watching to see him function in life, and begins watching to see how it will end for House. We watch because its like watching a car crash, a burning building, an atomic bomb, or any other type of destructive tragedy you can think of. We watch because we can’t stop watching. We must see how it ends. We watch because we believe that House will find a way to reconcile the relationships he’s destroyed, but he most likely will not be able to reconcile his health, and therefore makes it particularly intriguing. House became the show about the complete and utter degradation of a character in every way. We watch House manage to completely ruin everything. If they end the show with him fixing everything, it will completely ruin the show, in my opinion.

For your reading pleasure, I will attach my first blog about my views and predictions on the House season finale that I released last year, upon the announcement that season 8 would be the final season. Feel free to comment and share your opinions! I’d love to get a discussion started. I can talk about this stuff for hours. I’m a geek. I know. You don’t have to inform me. just join me!


Alas, We are nearing the end of my beloved “House.” It was an inevitable end, as with any TV show. The rumor is that the upcoming Season will be the last. As much as I don’t want it to be true, I can see how it needs to end. So here are my thoughts on the matter ( for anyone that really cares…)

Possible endings:

1. One possible scenario is that House will merely come out of all his trials unscathed and learn to cope with his bad habits and abuses in a positive light. Though I really hate this idea, it has at least crossed the writers minds i’m sure. The idea that you can write such a story in which the character does so many horribly immoral things, as well as having bad drug and alcohol addictions, and there not be any repercussions is absurd to say the least. Some type of event needs to happen as a result of the things House has done. I don’t categorize House as the type to have some type of redemptive revelation that will somehow absolve him of the things we’ve witnessed him do. I doubt anyone else does either.

2. House has his medical license revoked (again) and in a sense rides off into the sunset. Many shows have ended this way. Though, I think its usually from a lack of good ideas.

3. House dies. Going back to option 1, I think this is the perfect idea for an ending honestly. First off, House has to face his demons, nothing like death to make you realize how you’ve destroyed your life and everyones around you. Secondly, This would be a chance for House to reflect on his life, giving us a chance to witness things about House’s past that we hadn’t been able to witness or learn previously. Thirdly, It would be a great idea from the perspective of the writers. Dying brings people together. There are many characters in this show that have been torn apart by House’s devastating choices, as well as their own, and then just disappeared. I think many people would like to see House sincerely apologize to Cuddy. Maybe, Chase and Cameron would be forced to see one another and face their own problems with the possibility of getting back together? Wilson could get that closure he’s been so needing to be able to forgive House and himself, and everyone else on House’s team could end that chapter and move on with their careers. Its really a win/win on the writers’ part.

Who knows how it will end. But I will say this..I have really loved this show, not for the medical anomalies, nor for the witty banter, nor the seemingly bottomless pit of a train wreck that is Gregory House, but rather, an ingenious idea of delving into the depths of an addicts psyche who happens to be one of the smartest men you’ve ever seen, and the unraveling of one’s self in the face of his demons and the inevitable end that must come.


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