Hypocrisy: The Down(FALL) Of Hu(MAN)kind // The Impossible God

For today, I have decided to post an old blog entry from one of my other blogs. This was posted on April 8th, 2009. I hope you enjoy it…


What is it about man that makes him think he has the power or the right to judge anyone else? What makes him think he can condemn another human for what HE thinks is wrong or negative?

Does this go back to the fall? We started out in perfect blissful communion with God, walking and talking with Him, no separation, no need to have faith in an invisible God…. Just God. God made us with His image in mind. Maybe we were meant to create glory, but only for God. Instead, we manifest glory for ourselves.
We create our own kingdoms, and we choose who gets to come in, and we choose who lives or dies.
In Man’s kingdom all are subjected to the ever-wavering, constantly changing mood swings. All of his selfish tendencies will be emphasized by his acts of rebellion and his ever raising standard of perfection that all must live up to or be hanged publicly. Man’s only consistent attribute is his self-centered, egotistical heart. Everyone feels the affects of his pride. Power consumes him as he seeks to devour all that is. One could say that Man is not a man, but a monster, a monster who’s hunger will never be filled, who’s thirst for blood will never be quenched. Man cannot be trusted, nor believed. Lies and sin fill the heart of Man.
Man wants to be loved, he wants to be accepted, cared for, trusted, believed in, but is not willing to do any of these things for anyone else.
Somewhere along the way man decided he had the power to play God. I believe it started at “The Fall.” Man decided that God’s commands were really more like guidelines, and if he wanted to cross the line from blissful and eternal peace and fulfillment as God’s crown of creation to the ” knowledge of good and evil” then he should be able to. If he wanted to be able to judge and condemn for himself then he should be allowed to, because OBVIOUSLY if there’s a fruit that you can eat that gives you God’s mind then wouldn’t you eat it? If someone were to hand you the most seductive, delicious, most appetizing piece of fruit you had ever seen, your mouth watering at the mere glance, and then they told you ” if you even so much as take a nibble of this fruit you will not only have the mind of God, you can BE god!” Wouldn’t a BIG part of you want to devour the entire fruit as fast as you can so as to not waste another fraction of a second as a mere mortal but as a god who has the power to create your own kingdom and have power and dominion over all of its land and its inhabitants?
What fascinates me is that God gave us this choice. He created the tree, He allowed the serpent to tempt, He knew the outcome of this whole scenario as this garden was being birthed into existence, and yet He let it happen. So the pursuit of love and power began (or the ever-present war between love and power). God interjects Himself in the middle. He is the only thing capable of inhabiting both love AND power. We can only have one, and power only leads to death, but love leads to God’s heart.
Another aspect of this moment as the beginning of our history as the fallen human race is this: We are created with a free will to choose, we chose to have God’s mind, His knowledge of good and evil But the interesting part of this picture is that the only way to His heart, as far as we can know, is to fall. We had to fall, we had to sin, we had to become void of fulfillment, of peace, to begin the pursuit of His heart.
We sought out power and it cost us eternity. If we were to seek out love, we would get the heart of God. Love was always the point, and yet we missed it from the beginning. God knew we’d pick power over love, in fact He intended for it. Love is what is so against our nature that we are so inclined to first seek power, so that we may fall, and discover at the bottom of the pit that God left His Grace to cover us, to lift us up. We fall and find that love is all that matters. Love is not bound by good and evil, or right and wrong. Love always exists, it never fails. Love is God’s answer to our broken and wretched selves. Love was His response, more than judgment and punishment for sin. He loved Adam and Eve. His love IS power, as well as His power over us is within His love for us, this is what makes God different. He judged Adam and Eve for their sin, but also clothed them to take away their shame.
We seek power. God is love. Love is the appropriate response to God’s grace. Love takes the glory from us, and brings it rightfully to God’s throne, a sacrifice, a sacrament…. Communion.
May we be ever mindful of our sinful nature and its ability to judge and condemn, our hypocrisy as a fallen man who has no right to assume the power of condemnation of another man’s mistakes. May we be ever mindful of the resurrection, of the pinnacle of history, of creation, the Second Adam, our Hope, our Joy, our way to God, namely Jesus Christ. He is the resolution to our wicked ways, our abomination of God’s beauty, His temple. Where we fall short, Christ closed the gap, where can no longer amount, Christ paid the price. The Resurrection is our redemption from the ongoing mistake of history.
I’d like to add to this post by saying that, if it weren’t for Jesus, and the Resurrection, we would not have a hope and we would be lost in our own fallenness. Today, I thank God for the resurrection. Through Christ’s resurrection we are able to be resurrected from our own death, freed from the bondage of our sin, and through Christ, we can live a life of abundant joy and love. I take this reality for granted every day of my life, but not today. No, today I reflect on the most undeserving gift of all creation. I fail to earn even an ounce of God’s love, and yet He lavishly pours it out for me. I have done nothing to receive His mercy, and yet it awaits me anew every morning. My God is the impossible God, the God who makes all things new, who resurrects the dead, who heals the sick, feeds the hungry with rocks turned to loafs, keeps the party going with water turned to wine. This God stills the oceans with a single word, and calms the storms raging in my heart. This God overcame death for me. God makes what is impossible for us, possible through Him, namely the cross and resurrection. Today has been quite possibly the best Easter I’ve had. I thank God for reminding me of His love, and how He so lavishly covers me with grace every day, regardless of how undeserving I am. This love devastates my heart, fills my soul, and ruins me of enjoying anything less. This love exposes all other loves as mere imitations, while causing my very existence to crave just a taste of Heaven, a brief glimpse of holiness. My body aches and my soul yearns for more in this life, something which this world cannot fulfill. I pray we do not forget this Impossible God by tomorrow.

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