The New Guy

Its always interesting starting a new job. I started my third part time job today. I feel like I’ve had more jobs in the last 5 years than I care to remember. I’m not a bad employee, I’m actually a pretty hard worker, Its just rough out there right now. Seems I always got screwed over one way or another, whether the people I worked for were going out of business, or my name came up in the list of people they had to let go because of downsizing. This bad luck happened many times in the last few years, and its been rough, to say the least. 

I feel like I’m always the new guy. Its interesting being the new kid on the block. You have to learn the way everyone does things. You have to be trained up in the skill of the profession, build relationships with everyone, stay in your boss’s good graces, and try not to screw up too much in the first few days. I always want to make a good first impression, set the standard for what they can expect from me in the beginning and try to keep it up from that point on. Its always a fairly difficult thing to endure, but everyone goes through it, usually multiple times in a lifetime. So, here I am again, doing it again. I’m thankful for yet another job to help provide for me so I can make my bills. I always try to remember the reality that I’ve never missed a single bill payment. I always wonder how i’m going to make it this week or this month, and somehow the money comes in every single month. Yeah, working three jobs (not including playing music, practicing for shows, trying to book shows, and recruit musicians for said shows) can be pretty tiring for sure, but I try to stay thankful for what God seems to provide for me none the less. 

I just wanted to throw these thoughts out there. I’ve been thinking about this today, it being my first day. Anyone have any interesting, funny, or horrific “New guy/girl” stories? 


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